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 PKMN:Amethyst and Opal FAQ.

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PKMN:Amethyst and Opal FAQ. Empty
PostSubject: PKMN:Amethyst and Opal FAQ.   PKMN:Amethyst and Opal FAQ. I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2009 4:09 pm

Here is a little FAQ, built for the sole purpose of answering questions about the game.
If you have any additional question's about the game, feel free to PM me them to me.

Q. What is a Pkmn: Amethyst and Opal?
A. Pkmn: Amethyst and Opal, is a Pokemon fan game. It's not an official pkmn game and contain's Pokemon created by and other's.

Q. What is this game being made in?
A. The strongest possiblity is that this game will be made in Flash, the final decision has not been casted, However it may be safe to assume it will be made in Flash.

Q. When will this game be out?
A. It's is not clear when the game will actually come out, however I'd like to have the demo out by the end of this summer, if not then perhaps before Christmas or sooner. There are many aspects of the game which need to be designed, so don't expect it for a while.

Q. Can I have Pokemon, item, or etc in this game?
A. Well it all depends if I like the idea or not, or whether we have room for it. However, if we do use your idea or such, you'll be credit in the game's end credit's whenthe full game or demo is used.

As game development grow's and more content is available, more question's will be (most likely) be added to the FAQ.
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PKMN:Amethyst and Opal FAQ.
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