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Some not visible to the public.

These modes are the game's directory basically.
The categories of things to do are under the mode.

Story mode: You fight through bosses and enemies until you reach the Omnipotence.
Mission book: This starts your story, and let's you go back and play old fights

Sandbox: Basically just a place to hone your skills, level up and such, or just to learn how to play.
Training: Endless fighting, lets you pick your player and punching bag. Preform tricks here to learn new fighting strategies.
Tutorial: Step by step instructions on what to do as you do them. Great way to pack some beginner skills.
Skill zone: Endurance test, you plow through enemies one after another, until you lose. No matter how hard you train and level up- they'll have your strength. It's a battle of wits and combos.

Playground: A place to fight against 4 enemies at a time, or be crowned tournament king.
Tournament Palace: Rounds of pure fighting- play in 4, 6, or 12 rounds.
Playground matches: Fight against computers and.or your friend in a fet setup by you.

These are the modes, all are complete. We MIGHT add Battle Mode: A mode to get online with others IF Deux could, this, I'm not really worried about. Much less do I care.
Others would be added on, If I like your ideas.
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