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 Amber Light

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PostSubject: Amber Light   Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:42 pm

Copy Pasta from MG

Well this is my first every RP related thing so cut me some slack.
Thanks goes out to Nini for letting me consult her about this and CCS and glitch for some ideas

Amber Light

Background Story

Calliata is a very elegant world filled with soaring dragons, powerful Minotaur, mischievous goblins, and many more creatures. The world is in war because of the discovery of some powerful earth gems called Amber Stones. With the discovery of these amber stones, scientist also discovered that humans have an "aura" passing through them that corresponds with these amber stones. They are categorized by seasons.

Spring: The healing breeze that brings life to the world. Green Amber Stones

Summer: The blazing shine that brings joy to all. Yellow Amber Stones

Fall: The drifting leaves that goes where the wind may take it. Red Amber stones

Winter: The hidden elegance that surprises everyone. Blue Amber Stones

Everyone has one of these auras’s going through them depending on their personality. There is only one person with all of the auras is Mother Nature herself. It is said that Mother Nature came to this world in human form when the discovery of the amber stones was made. She is currently in her dormant state while she resides in The Heart. She has guardians of light who supposedly, have immense powers and were specially chosen. Now people from all over the world are trying to find her. Some people want to use her for good, some want to use for evil. Achieving this goal is another question, wars have broken out and people are slashing and shooting their way to win.

Amber Stones and Aura

So you may be wondering why the amber stones match up with auras’ within people. Everyone is born with an aura and can harness it without even knowing. When an aura stone is alone and not in a tool or weapon, nothing will occur. An example of what will happen when it's in a weapon is something like when someone with a summer aura wields a weapon or a tool with a summer amber stone within it, it will enable the wielder with a special ability relating to the weapon. So if a person using a gun with a summer amber stone in it, then the bullets might be coated in flames when shot. Many have also tried to utilize multiple aura stones with no result. The ability you get is up to you after I assign your aura but you can have only one pertaining to your weapon.

Aura Abilities

When you discover your aura, you also get several abilities along with it. NOTE: These are different than the abilities I mentioned above. You can have as many as you like, as long as your AP is under or at 20 in total. Each ability is categorized by the amount of AP they have. The more AP, the more powerful the skill. Abilities with 1-4 AP are called Psy level abilities. Abilities with 5-9 AP are called Pos abilities. Abilities with 10-14 AP are called Mino abilities. And finally abilities with 15-20 AP are called Elden abilities. You will exhaust your character if your overheat value gets above 20. There is a chart on how much overheat value and the cooldown value. The cooldown value represents how many turns/posts it tales to get the overheat value to diminish You can give suggestions on new abilities, because I would like to expand this.

Ability name: AP: Description

Heal: 3: A basic healing ability that will heal you when you use it
Revitalize: 7: A more powerful healing ability that will heal you immensely
Rejuvenate: 17: A skill that will make a very sick person who is about to die perfectly healthy
Early rain: 12: Rush the enemy with many strike that resemble the amount of falling rain
Downpour: 17: Crush the enemy with multiple hits
Healing rain: 15: Summons a powerful downpour that seems to make your injuries disappear. Does not take away any reality of the damage done to you, you just wont feel it. this move can be helpful, and dangerous to you.

Shine: 8: A bright light that can temporarily blind a foe
Blaze: 14: A burning rush that infuses your weapon with heat
Burn: 5: A scorch that burns the enemy
Bushfire: 12: An attack that will dry up the enemy
Tropical Cyclone: 17: A blazing gust that will ignite the whole area
Ignition: 19: An incredible blaze that will set the area aflame and dehydrating anything in its path
Signal Flare:1: A basic spark starting a fire ball shot at an enemy for minimal damage
Drought: 6: Intense heat lowers your enemies endurance and defense, while your endurance and attack increase.

Slicing Wind: 8: An offensive gust that will pierce through leather
Raging Gust: 16: A blasting wind that will crush wood in an instant
Howling Rush: 12: A wind that will temporarily give you increased senses
Soar: 4: This ability will allow your character to temporarily fly
Hurricane: 14: A raging wind that will send debris flying
Air Thrust: 6: Use air as a weapon to jab an opponent, mostly used as a distraction
Upward Gust: 3: Uses the wind to send you flying upward to dodge oncoming attacks.

Deep Chill : 12: A blast of freezing cold wind that will gradually make your enemy slower
Rising Freeze: 6: A bunch of Icicles Shoot up from the ground in the desired area
Ice Sickle: 17: Summons a deadly scythe of ice by using the humidity around you. Scythe may be stronger or weaker depending on weather conditions
Frost Shards: 9: Summons icy dangerous claws on your hands using the humidity around you. Claws may be stronger or weaker depending on weather conditions. The claws are able to be shot, so though they are normally a short range weapon, can be used as up to mid range, to make sure an enemy keeps their distance.

*please leave your ideas below*


So there are 4 main areas, The Delta, The Omega, The Alpha, and The Heart. The Delta is the nation of people who are attempting to get to Mother Nature and use her for good reasons. The Omega is the nation of people who plan on using Mother Nature for evil reasons while the Alpha is the neutral nation. And finally the heart is where Mother Nature and her supposed Guardians of Light are.

As you can see, to get to the heart, you have to proceed through the Alpha. Many wars occur in the alpha because of this reason, so living in the alpha is a harsh life. That brings me to my next point, life in each nation. Living in the Omega is a livable life under a dictator. The laws there aren't exactly the best but it's better than living with wars going on around you in the Alpha. The environment in The Omega is very poor unless you work for the government because most of the people's money is headed towards taxes. The Delta is a nice life for people of assorted wealth and is the ideal place to live, but almost everyone gets recruited into the army at the age of 16. The environment in The Delta is very Greek-esque city like with stone buildings mainly, but in markets, wood is used. The Alpha, like I said before, is filled with wars, but some places are surrounded by mountains which means wars cannot occur there, but traveling is nearly impossible without an airship. The Alpha that is within the mountains is also mostly farmland.

Mother Nature

So some of you may be wondering what else Mother Nature can do. Well because she has all the seasons within her, she can change almost anything. She can reverse time, change the weather, even destroy the earth as we know it.

Other Notes

Because I suck at writing, I didn’t know how to put in these notes in the background story. The world has a steam punk like vibe in it as well. There are airships as a method of transport, but owning one cost a fortune but riding one like riding on an airplane today, is reasonable. The guns are equivalent to a non automatic gun/rifle in WWII in terms of firing rate but the strength is toned down

Character Sheet

Username: (DE username)
Name: (Character name)
Age: (Nothing under 14 please)
Appearance: (Describe what they look like)
Personality: (You know what to put here)
Bio: (same as above)
Alliance: (what nation are you a part of)
Aura: (leave this blank; I will assign you your aura based off your character’s personality)
Aura Abilities: (add to this when you get your aura. If you get fall or winter, either come up with ideas to put on the list or get creative. If you do decide to create your own, I must approve of them first. I may also add them to the list.)
Weapon: (Describe your weapon here. Get creative)
Weapon Ability: (What happens to the weapon when the aura matches?)
Extra: (Extra little bits that haven’t been said)


Delta NPCs

Eton Lanen: Eton is the current ruler of the Delta. He is determined to get to the heart before the Omega does. To his nation, he is seen as an amazing ruler but in reality, he is determined to get to the Heart no matter what it may take, even if he has to recruit children. Despite this determined, yet cruel nature, he is still a good ruler, setting up fair laws and reasonable taxes. He has the appearance of a middle age man, around 50, has light blonde hair, a bit past his shoulders. The majority of his hair curves in front of his left shoulder. He is seen wearing a white shirt with a blue shoulder cover on top of it. He wears very light brown, almost beige pants. His personality is a noble one most of the time, but he has a very very dark side that you don't want to get on.

Eri Lanen: Eri is the daughter of Eton. She is the only child of Eton currently. Her mother was actually a longtime friend of Eton. They got married and had Eri, but then she got killed by one of the Omega. This was when Eri was very young so she has very little memory of her. Eri is very open to people because she is usually lonely at home. She can hold herself up in a fight, since his father is crazy bout the military, he got her to learn self defense. Eri is very playful and kind to her friends. Unlike most "princesses", she is actually allowed to head outside under one condition, she is with at least one person. This usually ends up being a guard of some sort, but sometimes she asks the chef at times. Eri has long blonde hair like her father, but it is wavy and is a bit past her shoulders. She wears a white long sleeved shirt with the sleeves drooping gradually towards her hands. She also has purple shoulder covers like her dad.

Current Characters

Name: Koi

Age: 18

Appearance: Dark brown scruffy hair, about neck length. Bangs would cover his eyes but they are swept. Brown eyes and mid-tone skin. Medium build. About 5'5 and 135 pounds. Wears a white/beige short sleeve shirt with a black line around the collar and sleeves. He wears a dark gray jacket on top of it with white lining along the sides. His pants are brown but are rolled midway up his shins. He has 2 brown leather gloves, one of which has a forearm bracer.

Personality: Koi is usually in a calm but happy state. He also enjoys helping others and hates the suffering of others. When in battle, he is persistent to win and stays calm. He never actually kills the enemy but lets them die slowly but peacefully. He only gets really ticked off when someone close to him gets killed right before his eyes.

Bio: Koi grew up on a farm in The Alpha under the protection of the mountains. He was always working and never took anything for granted. One day when the war broke out, his parents got worried and thought it might be the time to give Koi something. Something that was sacred among his family. He got given the Feathered Wing as a gift for defence. Turns out one of his distant family members lives in the Delta and they need to relay a message to him. They thought that he could go alone, but with the wars, he needed some sort of self defence. The Feathered Wing is apparently the weapon that was used by a commander of the Alpha army when his father was a part of it. The commander died and he told Koi’s father to take it and give it to the “right person”. Now Koi has to deliver the message to The Delta.

Alliance: The Alpha

Aura: Spring

Aura Abilities: Early Rain, Revitalize (19/20)

Weapon: Feathered Wing it is held backhand most of the time and it is usually strapped on his back when not used

Weapon Ability: Feather Weight: Like the name Implies, Feather Weight makes the weapon feel as light as a feather to the wielder but as heavy as it would normally be to anyone else.


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Snow Taradien

Snow Taradien

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PostSubject: Re: Amber Light   Mon Aug 10, 2009 2:22 pm

This sounds mighty good... And I might join this...

That is I would, but there aren't any other roleplayers interested in this here it seems...
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Snow Taradien wrote:
This sounds mighty good... And I might join this...

That is I would, but there aren't any other roleplayers interested in this here it seems...
Join on MG. I actually updated there. You might like what I did there for the NPCs

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Then what is the point of posting it here, might I ask?
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PostSubject: Re: Amber Light   Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:25 am

Ellsworth wrote:
Then what is the point of posting it here, might I ask?
Advertising Weeeeee

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PostSubject: Re: Amber Light   Fri Sep 04, 2009 3:49 pm

I frown upon you.
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Amber Light
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