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 The Forum Rules (YOU BETTER READ THIS!!)

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The Forum Rules (YOU BETTER READ THIS!!) Empty
PostSubject: The Forum Rules (YOU BETTER READ THIS!!)   The Forum Rules (YOU BETTER READ THIS!!) I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2009 11:11 pm

Hello there, my name is Deux.
As you you know, (or should know) I'm the root admin and owner of these here forums. Kamina

Now I have some rules to my forum and if you abide by them, we'll get along fine.
The Rules:

1. There are some word filter's, however I suggest you don't say anything above PG-13 level. For the most part, keep it clean.

2. Overall, Try to be nice to one another, No flame-baiting, flaming, flame wars, trolling, and threats. Try to please get along with one another...

3. You must be aleast 12 or older to join, if your not well then..I ban you till you are that age or above.

4. No +18 material, including pornography of all kinds.

5. No multiple posting, use the friggin edit button'. (unless you are updating your topic, then it is alright.)

6. No impersonating other forum members.

7. No spamming outside the Spam section, this also means posting irrelevant things in the thread in which the topic has nothing to do with.

8.Only advertise websites in the in the Advertise section or your sig.

9. No posting giant pics in your avi, sig, or just in general.

10. Don't make topic's or constantly send PM's to me or another admin asking to become an Admin, Mod, or Dev. I think your worthy of a position, I'll find you.

11. If you don't like a topic, do yourself a favor: Don't post in it, If you find the topic offensive PM and Admin or Mod.

12.Do not make multiple accounts, all accounts by the user who made them will be banned or deleted.

13. Don't bump a topic over 4 weeks old, unless you are the creator of said topic and are updating something.

14. No posting flashy images that may cause seizures.

15 No stealing other idea's or work from other member's or just people in general.

16. No smiley spamming. Weeeeee

17. No organizing raids on other websites, especially not here.


19. Don't make a topic complaining or flaming other members, if you have a problem with them, PM one of the mods or Admins.

20. No posting malicious or hidden links and what not.

21. If someone has broken the rules, don’t be a showboat or call them out, let the Mod Squad or the Admin’s handle that.

Over all use you common sense and we'll get along fine.
(and we may not have to add more rules!!)


If you decide to break the rules…


If you are caught by a mod or admin breaking the rules, you will be given one verbal warning.

Get 3 verbal warnings, well then… you will banned by one of the admins.
Ban’s may very depending on how many times you’ve been banned

1st ban = 3 days
2nd ban = 3 weeks
3rd ban = 3 months
4th ban = permaban!!!

If by any circumstances, you are permabanned before your 4th ban, then you most likely did something so stupid that it meant an early permaban.
If you feel though your ban was unjust, you can contact a forum admin or me.

Other than that…..Enjoy your stay!!
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The Forum Rules (YOU BETTER READ THIS!!)
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